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Hi~ How does this generator works? after I add some mechanics, styles and genre, and I press the "GENERATE" button, but there is no reactions.


Can you port it to Linux? it is already made with Unity.


UPDATE WITH MORE SETTINGS PLS. Like picture examples for each category. This is the best idea ever aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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What do you think about a price Category and a ChatLike Genre?


That sounds interesting. I’ll add that for you 👍

thank you!


can you make another one whith more detail


Hey, what would you like added?


Absolutely amazing! Thanks for makin this


You're very welcome 😄


Not longer working :s


Will look into this ASAP. Thank you for letting me know.

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Fixed! :) Apologies. You may need to clear your browser cache.


Thank you, for fixing that so quickly !

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I added Zelda Like to the Genre. Please add more so I don't have the bias because of my preferences ! Great tool. *Edit: I'm definitely going to chip in a little bit for this if I get an idea ONE idea that I enjoy. Edit2: Whenever you update - the list repopulates entries I had deleted. I think you should save a list of deleted entries not to repopulate on Update, only on Reset.

Thanks @RamonDev :) I'll work that into an update. I've added Zeldalike to the list. Feel free to add more suggestions here.

That's very cool and I got 1 idea from it. The problem is that the dictionary is too small (especially in Mechanics, Interaction and Theme categories). But it's good anyways.

Hi Michael, thanks for the post. I'd be happy to add to the list if you have some words :) Just haven't gotten around to doing it myself lately.


Thanks! Cool tool with some nice ideas!