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A lost soul wandering a mystical forest in a world threatened by corruption. With each step, your soul grows weaker, its essence fading with each breath. Explore the realm and encounter other lost souls like yourself, searching for a way out before it's too late. Uncover the secrets of the forest, solve puzzles, and unlock new abilities to progress deeper into the dark and treacherous world. 

As you journey, corrupted souls will cross your path, forcing you to engage in fast-paced combat. Use your abilities and strategic thinking to overcome these challenging foes. Each victory brings you one step closer to breaking free from the corruption that threatens to engulf your last breath. 

Take a moment to appreciate the serene atmosphere of the forest as you explore, knowing that your time is limited. Prepare for intense battles against the corrupt souls that threaten your very existence. 

Solve puzzles, unlock new abilities, and fight to save your soul from the darkness that surrounds you. Will you have what it takes to break free from this corrupt world and start anew before your last breath fades away? Play the game to find out.


Movement: WASD
Dash: Left-Shift
Jump: Spacebar
Light Attack: Left-Click
Heavy Attack: Right-Click


Developers: Jonathan Bala, Jared Brandjes
Sound:  Louwrens Ferreira
Special Thanks: Paulo Vilela, Carlos Vilela, Christiaan De Jager


Aetherbound [Lv99 Jam].zip 310 MB

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